Kodama Farm raises purebred Nigerian Dwarf Goats, in addition to some Nubian, Alpine, and Lamancha crosses. We take pride in the health and happiness of our animals, treating them not just as livestock, but members of the Kodama family. Although we are not yet a licensed dairy operation and are unable to sell dairy products, we are able to sell our goat milk soap at our farm stand.

Goats for Sale

We currently have Nigerian Dwarf doelings, bucklings, and wethers for sale. Our bucks and does are ADGA registered and come from lineages prized for superior milk production. Despite their size, Nigerian Dwarfs are known for their rich milk (up to 11% butterfat!), sociability, and hardiness. These goats are perfect for dairy production, land management, and 4H projects, but will also serve as lovable companions!

If you would like more information about available kids, pricing, or genetics, or if you would like to see pictures of the kids, please follow the link below to contact us. You can also reach us at 425-213-3854.