Farm Bucks

If you are planning on buying fresh produce from us throughout the season, signing up for our Farm Bucks program is the most convenient way to do so! By purchasing a set amount of “Bucks” upfront, you will have access to all of our products at our farm-stand throughout the season at a discount of up to 15%. This program allows us to receive a significant portion of our farm-stand income upfront, providing financial support when we need it most.

For example, if you foresee spending up to $500 on fruits and veggies throughout our six-month growing season, you could purchase 500 Farm Bucks for $425 (15% Discount). This amount will also give you access to a free tour and farm-to-table dinner at Kodama.

Farm Bucks can be used to buy any of our products at our farm-stand. Your balance will be updated electronically - there is no need to carry physical coupons around with you. All you have to do is show up at our farm-stand and pick up the fruits and veggies you want! Farm Bucks also make great gifts for friends and family!

After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your starting balance. When we open our farm-stand on June 1st, you will be ready to go! If you would rather pay with cash or check, please contact us.

Thank you for supporting Kodama Farm!

Farm Bucks
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