Our Animals

Kodama currently raises Nigerian Dwarf goats and chickens. We take pride in the health and happiness of our animals, treating them not just as livestock, but members of the Kodama family. Our animals are fed a high-quality diet (often times better than our own!) including wild forage and veggies from the garden.

In the near future, Kodama plans to add ducks, pigs, and rabbits. 


These three Nigerian Dwarf goats are the beginning of our dairy herd. Although small, this breed produces up to 1/2 gallon of rich milk per day, higher in butterfat content (11%) than any other breed!

Luna (left): Luna, the Queen, is the oldest of the three and rules her kingdom with love and grace. She loves being the center of attention but is a complete sweetheart and enjoys cuddling with her sisters.

Nibbler (middle): Nibbler is, as far as we can tell, not from this world. Her subtle intelligence and skeptical nature suggest that Nibbler is only here for free food and butt scratches. Although strange, we love her dearly and enjoy discovering new quirks about her whimsical personality.

Sprout (right): Sprout is the youngest of the three goats. Being the new kid, she was bullied for quite some time by Luna and Nibbler, but now she holds her own. Tough but adorable, Sprout will always be the baby.

We currently raise ten breeds of chickens, including several rare breeds such as the Russian Orloff and endangered Mottled Java. Our hens have an abundance of space to roam and forage and are fed an all-organic diet.

The Dog: River is a Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who is a farm dog in training and an exceptional friend. Farm duties include chasing robins out of the garden, protecting the chickens, herding the goats, and greeting visitors. However, he prefers to spend most of his time slumbering in the garden.

The Bug: Our lovable and ferocious farm cat Bug enjoys taking long walks through the food forest, napping in the geodesic dome, and managing the rodent population. Bug is a sweetheart who loves all visitors (especially those who have catnip)!